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Discharging excess fluid, and removing from any environment where the drainage is called. Drying can also be used instead of the word drainage. If the foundations are completed without waterproofing layer of housing, but will be held in protection against water curtain wall insulation layer and the building will be able to encircling the drain line. The clogging of the drainage line is vital in this type of insulation.

internal Drainage

In case there is the opportunity to shape external drainage drainage made in the basement. Usually central part of the basement floor of the houses are made of at least 2 meters deep and 50 × 50 cm in length as well.

external Drainage

The difference between internal drainage from the outside, and footing 50-100 cm from the base of the walls around the housing is opened 5-10% sloping channel in 30-50 cm deep and concrete in usually 20 cm wide channel base or clay pipes reinforced with pursed and are furnished with 2-4 cm intervals . The bottom half of pipes reinforced seams are sealed off by the cement slurry.

Stages of drainage applications

  • Located around houses and trees and so might prevent the work. planting appropriate plants are removed and provided elsewhere.
  • Bucket or manually start the excavation.
  • Home Logar distance and revised from the slope.
  • The average depth of the trench should be opened 1.7 m.
  • It must be freely studied for the width.
  • Excavation is made up of the lower base.
  • Building walls cleaned and allowed to dry after washing.
  • More excavation is sent to the dump.
  • Basic and liquid at the bottom with the wall opens into the drying membrane applications.
  • PP3000 fiberglass and sealed with a material to be brought to overlap joints 20 to 30 cm making heating assistance and membrane is applied.
  • 100 drainflex the top or bottom of the base of the drainage pipe will begin laying the foundation beam with cushioning technology.
  • geotextile material over drainflex pipe laying gravel filling is made.
  • Wall waterproofing subbasement jeans with the aim to prevent damage to the membrane sheet is placed with drenfileks drainage pipe.
  • After all these operations would be a loss if we give the building installation is repaired immediately.
  • Offered transenin start filling.
  • Buildings around 50-80 cm wide concrete pavement is made.
  • Corrugated tiles laid on concrete pavement stone.
  • drainflex with rainwater and roof landing is making sure the flue connection.
  • Garden and residential entry is restored, delivery of the project is done with the testing process

Drainage Prices

Drainage rates drainage materials to be used, the application may vary depending on the characteristics of the building and the environment will be made, must be taken at the right price discovery process to be carried out, it should be taken after examining all the details over price. TUĞRA BUILDING INSULATION realizes drainage applications with a special expertise in working successfully with experienced staff.
You can fill out the form to get free quotes drainage rates or you can contact us on telephone number 0460 378 69 16.

19 December 2016
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